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Boys Dress Up for The Interview

Boys Dress Up for The Interview

INTERVIEW :- The word interview comes from Latin and middle French words meaning to “see between” or “see each other”. The Interview means a private meeting between people when questions are asked and answered. The person who answers the questions of the interview is called an interviewee. The person who asks the questions of our interview is called an interviewer.



DRESS: Dress in a manner that is professionally appropriate to the position for which you are applying. Dress should be comfortable and fit. Generally, boys can wear shirt, pant, or proper suits as well as focus on watches, tie, belt, socks and shoes.
 Shirt and Pant- The dress should be clean, tidy and ironed. The colour of the shirt always light colours( like white, sky blue, cream, light pink). The boys can also wear small checks shirt with two colour combination. The Pant can black, brown, grey, bluish. They can wear this dress colour if any specific colour is not mentioned in any organization. They should be well dressed.
 Tie- The tie is one of the first things people notice so it’s important to pick something classy and stylish. A solid silk tie is the best choice for the non-fashion inclined, which matched with your dress and tie should not be shiny.
 Belt- Black or Brown colour and hook buckle belt should be wear.
 Socks- The socks must be clean and be careful with colours ( like black, white, grey, dark blue).
 Shoes- Formal shoes with Black & Brown colour and low heels shoes should be wear. Don’t wear shoes with an open toe and back, should be polished.
 Watches- Formal watches are recommended to the candidate.

HAIRSTYLE: The main goal of an interview is to look professional. A short taper cut is the most recommended haircut for job interviews.
FACE: Generally, it is suggested to go with clean shave or beard should be in proper shape and cut. The candidate should wear pleasing smile.
 Don’t wear cologne and after shave, apply deodorant.
 Carry a clean handkerchief with you.
 Keep clean your eyes, ear and nose.
 Do not enter in the interview hall while chewing chewing gum.
 Your nails should be properly cut and clean.

Dressing professionally shows respect for yourself, the interviewer, and the company.
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