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Group discussion is a creative and dynamic activity which stimulates reflective thinking among the members and helps us to develop a better perspective on issues by bringing out diverse viewpoints. It is a methodology or in a simple language you may call it an interview process or a group activity. Group discussions are unstructured and less formal where a participant is free to express his views than the meetings or conferences wherein specific roles are assigned to the participants.

Group discussion these days is a trend followed by organizations not only in the recruitment process but also has become a tool to motivate employees, if conducted regularly. Basically it is a way through which an organization identifies whether the candidate has certain personality traits that it desires in its members.


Group Discussion nowadays is being tremendously conducted to shortlist candidates for the personal interviews. It plays a main role in selecting the best among the best. With the help of group discussion one can easily identify behavioral and attitudinal responses of the participants.

On the basis of criteria of eligibility many candidates apply for the job – their age, qualification and experience etc. For choosing a few among many. It is necessary to conduct further screening. It is here, the Group Discussion plays an important part. It is more a technical tool than a conventional test to check one’s personality and communication skills. It works as a situation test wherein a sample of a candidate’s group worthiness and potential as a worker comes out quite explicitly. Not only this, GD helps to study the leadership qualities with knowledge and power of expression in the candidate. The leadership quality of one can nowhere be more clearly revealed than in a group discussion.


  1. Prepare yourself for the topic by collecting all the facts related to the topic you have read or have heard of, for this you must keep yourself updated about the current happenings through the various resources like News channels and Newspapers.
  2. Be real. Be yourself. In an attempt to be someone else, your opinions will not be portrayed. Be confident and sit straight. Stick to your values and beliefs but respect opinions of others too.
  3. Try to start the group discussion with your opinion if you have complete knowledge of the subject, this will leave a good impression in evaluator’s mind. Also give chance to let speak others and then respond with a polite, intelligent comment. Don’t dominate.
  4. Listen carefully to other participants. Listening is a very important discussion skill: make sure you listen and respond to what other people have to say. Make an eye contact with all the participants. Also keep nodding, when others speak, it shows receptivity.
  5. Back up your points to support what you say, and try to avoid making ’empty’ points. You can add statistical facts, quote expert opinion or you can share your own experience associated with the topic. Use phrases like “You’re absolutely right about that.” If you are agreed. I’m sorry, I don’t see it that way at all if you are disagreed, “Sorry, do you mind if I say something here?” if you want to add your opinion.
  6. Keep a pen and paper handy to make notes. You can jot down any useful or important words or ideas that might come in handy later in the discussion – or afterwards.
  7. Practice your pronunciation and speak clearly. If you need time to collect your thoughts, you could say something like Hmmm… to get a bit more time to think.
  8. Relax! If you are relaxed, you will be more likely to feel confident and enjoy the discussion. Remember, a discussion is not a competition. This will help you to reduce your nervousness. And will fill you with a positive energy.

Hope this article make you ready to appear for this group discussion trend.

All the best!

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