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Tiger, the magnificent animal and the largest member of the cat family with the orange and black stripes on its body have so much declined in numbers that we had to dedicate a day to it. It was the Fifth International Tiger Day. In 2010, at Saint Petersberg, a summit was held in which it was witnessed that around 97% of world Tigers have disappeared in the last century, so a need was realised to save the Tigers from getting extinct.

                                Tigers are generally found in Asian countries. In 2006, it was witnessed that only 1400 Tigers were left in India, an immediate need was realised to protect them, and till now the number has increased in India as the government has worked to protect the national animal so far. There was a time when more than 100000 Tigers lived in Asia, but now only 3000 are left, the reasons behind this is poaching, habitat destruction, man animal conflict, and diminishing prey due to deforestation done by man. Apart from these one thing that should be given attention regarding the conservation of Tigers is fragmentation, degradation and shrinking of habitat. More and more the size of wildlife shrinks, the more conflict they’ll face with the human living and their habitat.

During the summit, the board declared the goal of doubling wild Tiger population by the year 2022. The Global Tiger Recovery Programme was launched after the summit to conserve tigers. For the conservation of tigers awareness must be spread, by participating in campaigns, and taking to the internet and social media is another way to reach out to people and tell them about the need to conserve the tiger. One the most important way to contribute in the conservation of tiger is to tie up with the NGOs with the wildlife protection who continuously work to achieve the ultimate goal of the summit.

If government and people will continuously work like the way they are doing, we will be able to protect the tigers and the number will keep on growing as it has grown in the last five years.

This year the day was celebrated with the slogan Fresh Ecology For Tiger’s Protection. Local events were organised in Bangladesh, Nepal and India as well as in the non-tiger range countries such as England and US. The World Wilidlife Fund (WWF) continued its promotion of the “Double Tigers” campaign through investing in rangers.

Save Tigers … be a part of sustainable India  with Sri Sharda Group of Institutions.

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