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Importance of Internships

Importance of Internships

Learning is the only thing  the mind never exhaust, never fear and never regrets.

An internship is the transition from study to work and is a necessary component in order to develop a student’s skills, making them more advanced and diligent when they finally have the opportunity to be a part of the working world. It is a process of learning and enhancing your credentials, and landing a full time job. It is small period of working experience which offers an important opportunity to work closely with professionals in your field, and to develop knowledge, competencies, and experience related directly to your career goals. An internship provides a hands-on learning experience for young people.

In an internship a student experiences to face practical problems and issues which can’t be solved by reading textbooks only. It helps them to cultivate adaptability and creativity in a dynamic world. Students get to evaluate specific companies or specific careers before going for a full-time employment—a “try before you buy” type experience. Internships are an excellent way to expand your list of contacts with associates and professionals which helps to boost self-confidence and Increases opportunities within a company for faster advancement and growth. An internship experience on your CV makes it more attractive to present it in front of future employers. Gives hands-on opportunities to the students to work with equipment and technology that may not be available on campus. They can help you to decide if a particular career or area is or isn’t for you, and narrow down the list of careers that you are interested in to find one that you will be happy in.
An internship program is a recruiting tool FOR THE ORGANIZATIONS who are conducting it, the process of recruiting and hiring is a drain on company resources. So the company can choose the best of the bunch when it comes time to hire. Setting up an internship program allows an organization to take advantage of short-term support. A business, rely on community support. Creating an internship program is an excellent way to give back.

Above everything Internships allow you to explore all the possibilities and come away with an experience that you will never forget.

Sri sharda groups of institution encourage students to join various intership programme to shape their future which helps them to get better placement opportunities.

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